How to Wow Your Loved One on Their Special Day

Getting a gift for your loved one is a tough thing because you want it to be special, not cliche, and exciting. You want it to show that you love them still and for ever, yet a box of chocolates won’t do. What can you do to show your loved one your undying love on their special day, whether it be a birthday, an anniversary, or any other day you can deem special? It’s a challenge that presents itself again and again, year after year. Here are some exciting ideas that you can do.

Write A Love Song


If you are already a song writer, that’s great, you can write a song from the heart that really expresses your feelings. Try using metaphor like a bird and a bee, or a field needing the water to grow crops. If you’re too literal, it doesn’t make a good song. If you don’t write songs, you can try to find someone who does and have them help you out. You could go to kick starter and find some musician somewhere who’s offering to write a song about a topic of your choice to fund their album, and get them to write the song for you. That’s a gift that will last a life time!

Get Her A Car


Now I know what you’re thinking, you can’t afford to get her a car. But can you really afford not to? The thing about a car is even if it’s a $200/month payment, every single time she gets in that new set of wheels, she’ll be thankful to you and reminded of your undying love. You should pop your little old head into san juan capistrano dodge and find a car that looks as fancy as possible but still isn’t too expensive. Maybe a car that looks sporty and nice but is a few model years old. Start browsing here and you’ll see that you can find something for her that won’t break the bank: OC Auto. Make sure it’s got bluetooth capabilities though so she can talk to you the whole time she’s in the car. And if you get her a cool car, maybe she’ll even let you take it out for a spin now and then. Win win!

Brand New Pillows


Then there’s the comfort at rest thing. Some people don’t appreciate that comfort while sleeping is arguably the most important aspect of a relationship. If you don’t have comfortable bedding then you can get bad night’s sleeps and the resentment of having to share with another can build up. Why not go crazy and hit up Bed Bath and Beyond and buy some top of the line pillows, the kind that let your head melt into the pillow and slumber over takes you. If you go to a Comfort Inn and Suites, they usually have firm and soft pillows so you can sorta see which ones you like. Maybe have a date night out and stay at a comfort Inn just to suss out the pillows!